November 6, 2012

Cold Storage Closet

Last year some of the squash went bad because I just couldn't use them up fast enough. The air wasn't moving around in the basement space, it was damp with a dirt floor and they simply spoiled! We didn't want to have that happen again, so after brainstorming, watching some 'you tube' videos and reading about how other people made their cold storage units we came up with a pretty cool plan!! Pete really is the 'mastermind' to this whole project! I just kept finding more information to show him and gave him some of my ideas, but he's the one who made it all happen!!

Pete had quite a bit of the materials already! Check this out! He bought some plywood and PVC pipe, we had leftover paint from the 'ooops' section of Home Depot from a few years ago, a patio door that would have been taken the dump from an old job, some 1X1 scrap for the shelves, and he found the black tubing at the dump!! (The men that work at the dump love to see him come and swap ideas with him!)

Here's the finished cold storage closet!!
It's kind of hard to see the size... but it
is roughly 35 inches deep and about
85 inches wide and tall enough for my
'TALL' family members to stand with extra
space over head so, it's probably 7' tall.

The venting system allows for the air exchange!
The long black hose/tubing is bringing in the cold
air from the outside and the PVC pipe allows
for the exchange of warmer air to escape!
(He is also adding a small fan to keep the air moving...
photo to follow when it is installed!)

I'm taking pictures from standing in the doorway...
Here's a look to the right. The shelving is not totally
finished, but enough for our produce this year.
The back wall is cinder block and we're hoping
this will work to our advantage.
There is lots of space to add shelving for
apples, carrots, beets, potatoes etc.

Here's a look to the left....
spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes,
butternut squash and potatoes in bins and ready to eat!

Now I'm standing outside of the 'closet'. You can see
the black tubing going straight to the right... that
will lead to the outside to draw in the colder air!
The short white tube is the PVC pipe for the warmer
air to rise and escape!

And, this is the outside view where the
cold air will enter the PVC/black tubing!!
FYI: Yes, there will be some screen added
to the outside of this PVC to prevent
the little furry friends from find the
'banquet hall' that we call our cold storage closet!
Next on the docket... 
 Doing some research to find out if
certain fresh foods really do cause other foods
to spoil faster! It seems to me, that years ago,
I read 'something' about NOT keeping apples and
squash or apples and potatoes or potatoes and something
in the same area... but, I don't remember the conclusion!
I'll keep you posted!
I've shared this on Simple Lives Thursday!
Please take some time to look at some of the
other blogger's ideas.


Arnie Superchi said...

Good job and a great idea.

Nancy said...

Great idea and the air exchange/venting is smart! Thanks for sharing your post...hope it works well for you all this winter! Blessings!

Yolanda said...

This is intriguing. I am curious, though. How is this closet kept warm enough? I guess I mean, in the cold of winter, where is the "heat" coming from?

Melanie said...

The basement has our freezer in it and the water pump etc and being mostly under ground level it is cold, but not freezing. The warm air exhange is from the air in the basement coming in from the vent (on the right,with out the extra long black piping). That is the hope anyways! :) We'll monitor it and maybe the 'cold' air will have to be modified or pulled in during the DEEEEP freezes of our winter! Thanks for looking & asking!