November 26, 2011

My Christmas Organizer

I found that "My Christmas Organizer" was
a very helpful tool for me last year and
decided to make another one for this year!

It is very simple to make...
Let's untie the bow and check it out!
The ribbon is attached on the back
only with double sided sticky tape
so I won't lose the ribbon when
I untie it to use!
 Simple enough to make... using one sheet of
colored card stock paper, I folded it to
accommodate the note paper I chose to use!
(Last year, I made a smaller one and cut down
note book paper.) This year, I didn't want to
be bothered so I used sheets from a
5X7 mini legal pad of paper!
 I have enough pages for lists of stores I need
to go to, page per person in my family for ideas,
family pages, crafts I'm working on and
shopping lists for them etc.

 Separate sections for food items for the
events that happen this month!
(Cookie Swaps, Tree Decorating Day,
Christmas Brunch, Christmas Dinner etc.)
I even included a page for "New Recipe Ideas"
that I may try this year....
 I included three envelopes! I folded the flap inside
and had to cut a little bit off the bottom so that
it would fit, but reinforced it with pretty paper!
There is an envelope for Store Receipts, Coupons,
and Misc. (maybe to hold a recipe card?)
These work great for section dividers!

Over all, I think it took me a couple of hours to
make, but it will help me keep all of my
Christmas ideas, lists, receipts etc. in one
place so I'm not soooo scattered all over!

It was fun to look back into last year's organizer
to see what I did, where I went etc.
I may even adapt a calender page to
 fit in it for next year!

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