September 13, 2011


My hands are tired from all the picking,
husking & cutting of corn! BUT... thinking
about the rewards of eating yummy fresh-tasting
corn during the cold winter months
make it all worth it!

I picked three rows of corn and blanched the ears about
8 at a time (roughly 6-8 minutes in boiling water,
followed by immersing the ears in ICE COLD
water to end the cooking). The ears fit into a
medium sized laundry basket and the cut
off kernels fit into two large bowls
 and a 9X13 baking pan!

I packaged the corn in quart and gallon sized
freezer bags... the larger bags will be perfect for
corn chowder or shepard's pie and
 other yummy recipes!

 Roughly, 58 cups of corn all neatly packaged
and ready for the freezer!

Corn stalks cut down and ready to go
feed the pigs!

This has been shared on Healthy 2Day Wednesdays
and Simple Lives Thursday!

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