September 3, 2011


I love the smells, the cooler night air,
the beauty and bounty of the garden in full growth,
the leaves just starting to turn, ahhhh... 
don't you just LOVE IT TOO!

My husband brought in a 4 1/2 gallon pail of field apples!
(My definition: apples picked from a tree that was not
sprayed or cared for like those in an orchard!)
It's applesauce time!
Applesauce is SOOOO EASY to make and store!
Simply cut up the apples.
No need to peel or seed them.

 Add a little bit of water to the pot and start
cooking over low to medium heat. The apples
will soften enough to mash with a potato masher
and stir around with a big spoon.
 Next, I use my FAVORITE TOOL...  the Foley Food Mill
to take out the seeds, stems & peels and into the bowl
goes smooth and delicious sauce! (It is wonderful to use
when making spaghetti sauce too!)
Back into the pot and add a little sugar (personal taste here)
add some cinnamon if you want to (I don't) and heat it back
up to boiling. Put into pints or quarts and water bath
the jars for 20 minutes!!
Aren't these beautiful!!
4 1/2 gallon bucket = 15 pints of sauce!
I love the way the skins make the
sauce pretty in pink!
(Applesauce is also EASY to freeze!
If you don't want to can it, simle put the finished
sauce into freezer bags or containers after it
has cooled down, seal and freeze!)

PS. If you want to make apple jelly too, you can
peel the apples before cooking. THEN after the
sauce is made, boil down the peelings and hang
them up in cheese cloth or in a NEW white pillowcase.

Use the juices to make jelly!
The jelly has an awesome flavor too!

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regina said...

that looks yummy! Wish I had some apples.