April 24, 2011

3 Men, 3 Crosses, 1 Hill...

‎3 men,
3 crosses,
1 hill.

One man cursed,
one man prayed,
one man promised.

One died condemned,
one died forgiven,
one died innocent.

One died in sin,
one died to sin,
one died for sin.

One was held by death,
one was released by death,
one conquered death.

One lost life,
one gained life.
One was life.

What a way to look at the cross!
Praise God for the ONE who conquered death!!

Happy Easter!!!

1 comment:

mad4books said...

Okay, the other day I was driving and thinking about how Jesus knew everything while He walked this earth. How many times did he walk past the tree he knew would be used someday to crucify him?

It breaks my heart...and makes me want to make His sacrifice count in my life.