September 21, 2010

A Cup of Tea...

What does a cup of tea mean to you? To some (and me sometimes) it is the jump start to the day... a coffee drinker's equivalent to aaahhhhh, caffeine!! :) Sometimes it is more then that... like when friends get together over a cup of tea (or coffee) to chat! It is the binder of communication!

That may be a rather strong concept, but, when I was a kid, my parents would have their cup of 'tea' (mom) and cup of coffee (dad) after dinner and have their time of catching up with each other. That was a part of the day they'd look forward to... a chance to relax and make sure that 'all is still right with the world' so to speak! So, in essence, it was and is a special drink!!

I wanted to share a my new tea cup with you! It is sooo pretty and it makes me smile each time I use it! It was given to me by a friend...  someone who may or may not know how much a cup of tea means to me!

One night at a Bible study, four of us were talking about tea. I asked them if they had a favorite 'brand' of tea. In my home, I like Salada and Pete likes Lipton... so I thought I'd ask out of curiosity. Sure enough, out came the favorites "Salada", "Lipton", Red Rose" and "Tetley"....  four ladies and four teas!! It was rather funny... and naturally, we all had our reasons!

Here's a bit of trivia for you... did you know that tea tastes differently based on whether you boil the water or just 'heat it up'? Yup, it is true... in my opinion, boiling it gets the oxygen out and makes a finer cup of tea! :)  But that is just my opinion.... what's yours?


melissa said...

hahahah! I love your theory. The difference in the flavor has to do with the level of fermentation of the tea leaves. Black tea gets its best flavor out of water that's been brought to boiling temperatures. Wikipedia says it's because "the higher temperatures are required to extract the large, complex, flavorful phenolic molecules found in fermented tea." And those high of temperatures ruins poor green and white teas and produces a bitter flavor (that's why green tea sometimes tastes like soap...the water is just too hot).

Mntmoose Happenings said...

nice tea cup!! oh.. and I'm pretty sure the friend that gave it too you KNOWS how much you love tea!!! =)
glad you're enjoying it! <3