April 30, 2010

SPRING SPEARS ... May's Challenge

I'm excited about May's Can Jam Challenge! Sarah from Toronto Tasting Notes... is offering us a choice! For this month's challenge we get to choose between two "spring spears"! The choice will not be easy... and most likely, I will be driven to make and can more then one recipe! The hard part will be choosing only one to post!

Here it is, the "spring spear" choice is between ASPARAGUS or RHUBARB! Yippee... it's gonna be fun! I've already started my recipe search... but I'm not gonna tell you 'till I'm all finished and it is posted!!

Look for the outcome to be posted between Sunday, May 16 and Friday, May 21!!

(No doubt my new 'Texas' apron will be a wonderful help this month....  THANKS AGAIN KRISTY!)


mad4books said...

You are so welcome! I guarantee that everything you make while draped in Lone Star symbolism will be EXTRA tasty.

Hey, where are those photos, Young Lady? I wanna' see that apron in its natural habitat...your kitchen!!

mad4books said...

P.S. As a huge fan of _Prairie Home Companion_, I'm pulling for RHUBARB!