March 20, 2010

Introducing... Charlie

I'd like to introduce you all to "Charlie" our newest addition to the bunny hutch! He is a 5 month old, pure bred & pedigreed Silver Fox rabbit. This breed is born black and then as they grow, usually by week 4, they develop flecks of silver! I read somewhere that this breed is known as the 'teddy bear' of rabbits!

*** Kristy, this breed could be a 'muti-purpose' rabbit, but I can almost guarantee you that his offspring will be PETS ONLY! We are still looking for a pure bred & pedigreed doe for him....

1 comment:

mad4books said...

Whew! I know Charlie and I will sleep easier tonight.

And JUST WAIT until Karen sees this blog entry...she and the girls have moved out to a nearby farm, and her girls have the responsibility of raising the rabbits.

P.S. Because of newly-found, hard-working farm life, Charlie could be a bit long in the tooth before she ever reads this blog. I'll send her an email reminder!