April 27, 2008

Toby Meets Susie (B. Rabb)

Aaron (our nephew) got a bunny this past Friday! He named her "Black-Eyed Susan" because of her dark brown eyes, but calls her B. Rabb. (short for Bunny Rabbit) and so far I call her Susie! :) Isn't she sooo cute!! Audrey took an awesome picture of her! She is mostly white, with light gray ears and the bottom of her feet are dark gray! You can't really see it in this picture, her back has a very faint gray stipe too!! She is the sweetest bunny.....
Aaron brought Susie inside to meet Toby again today. He wasn't too sure he liked all the attention that she was getting! (being held, petted, fussed over etc.) Soon he realized that she wasn't a threat at all! He will still be the chosen pet to accompany Pete to the dump on Saturdays and will always be the one who gets the first 'good morning' pat on the head! Toby & Susie became friends and they are now fine with each other!

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