December 16, 2007

The Tree Is Officially Decorated!

Audrey & Travis began stringing the lights about 1PM and the decorations went on shortly afterwards! We had lots of fun teasing & laughing. The tree was almost finished when Pete made the comment to me, "Do you remember when most of the decorations use to be on the bottom half of the tree?" I laughed as I looked at the tree..... "YUP, and now look, they are some on the bottom half and lots on the middle & top! A sure sign that the kids are getting bigger!"
This is Austin's year to put the angel on top....... yes, we do keep track, and next year is Audrey's turn! :)

Here's the family favorite part of the day! FOOD... and a good movie! This year we watched "Holiday Inn" with Fred Astaire & Bing Crosby. The old classic black & white was fun for most of us..... Austin got the good sport award!

Menu: Seafood Chowder (clam & crab), Chicken Cordon-bleu Chowder, BBQ Kelbasa, fruit plate, chips & dip, salsa & taco dip with tortilla chips, artichoke dip, crackers & cheese and a bit of chocolate ... to drink we had pomegranate/cranberry juice and raspberry ginger ale! YUMMY!


Karen said...

Oh, I'm SO stealing this tradition! That table looked so inviting, and it sounds like a wonderful memory-making event. I definitely must have a recipe for the Chicken Cordon Bleu Chowder and the artichoke dip!

mrqd1 said...

Well, it certainly looked like lots of fun! By the way thanks for the birthday wish! Love ya and happy new year too!