December 16, 2007

Today Is Tree Day!

Today is tree day...... what better activity could there be on a day this close to Christmas during a Nor'easter?! It already looks like a winter wonderland with the new snow falling.... we are due to get 10+ inches followed by sleet and freezing rain and then more snow.... it is definately a good day to stay home! (None of us want to miss church.... but it is safer to stay put today!)
I got up early so that I can get started on making the treats for the day; clam chowder, chicken cordon bleu chowder, artichoke dip served with wheat thins, layered taco dip, just to name a few! We've created 'Blake Family Tree Day' as a special holiday during the Christmas season! This is the day we set up our Christmas tree and have lots of fun going down memory lane remembering making certain ornaments, making & eating special snacks, playing Christmas music and just spending the day with each other! They don't know it yet... but I bought "Holiday Inn" as our special Christmas movie for the evening!
I'll be posting tree pictures later..... (and maybe a recipe or two!)

1 comment:

Karen said...

I'm so jealous!!! I absolutely LOVE snow! Your pictures make me miss New Hampshire soooo much!