July 24, 2016

It's Been A While....

I just looked to see when I posted last....  yikes... it's been a whole year! That's MY BAD!

What has been going on? Well, since last August...  our youngest son married the love of his life!!

Me and Austin.... getting ready for his big day!
Pete and Austin.... We are so happy for him (them)!

After September things sped up a bit... 
We opted NOT to tap the maple trees this year and make syrup. We still had some on hand from last spring and it is labor intensive, so... since our 'helpers' are all out of the house we decided it would work best to do this every other year! Maybe giving the trees a rest every other year will benefit us!


You know that saying, you can't have just one? 
Well, that seems to be the case for my husband and his bee hives!!
We currently have 3 hives and 2 nucs... 
which basically, it 4 smaller hives in the making!! \
 The nucs have the same size exterior box...  
but the inside is two separate hives each with their own entrances and queens!! 
When the nuc colonies multiply in number, they will have their 
own new hive ...  regular sized or be sold!! 

We have ordered a motor for our extractor so hopefully, this
will help in making the honey process go faster!
It has been fun and a definite learning curve raising bees. 

 You can see the open nuc... it has 2 covers, one for each of 
separate new colonies!

Our apiary ... three hives (behind them) and 2 nucs (SO FAR!) 
It is surrounded with a solar battery electric fence for protection!


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