August 13, 2015

Plum Crazy

Plums, plums everywhere... .and lots and lots to figure out!! 
We planted two plum trees a few years ago... maybe even 8 or so years ago 
and now they have begun to fruit like crazy! 
Last year I had enough to make a batch or two of jelly... 
which came out delicious!! 
oh my word, we're gonna have lots more!

I've been researching ideas.... 
and I think I'm going to start with an 
Asian Plum Sauce 
and a Sweet & Spicy Plum Sauce 
and then my good ol' stand by, plum jelly!!! 
I might try making a plum leather or wine...
 but that will be a decision for another day!! 
For now... I just gotta get picking and 
get started on SOMETHING!! 

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