March 9, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days

I stumbled on this blog White House Black Shutters and they have this awesome idea of ridding oneself of all the 'stuff' that accumulates in life!

My first thought was REALLY??? I don't know if I could really do this. I mean, we already downsized tremendously when we moved here 12 years ago! Can I really come up with that much stuff to get rid of? The answer is a resounding YES!!! After RE-reading it, this family does it ANNUALLY! What a freeing feeling that must be to be lighter in load ... and to think, 40 bags year after year! :)

I had thought I 'should' use all the big black trash bags, but that isn't necessary. A big bag, box or small bag as long as it is going OUT is a good size! A plastic bag from the grocery store filled with a dozen books to donate is awesome! A small bag of holey socks to dump gives me more room in my sock drawer! :) AND... think of all the odd ball things in the junk drawer...  (awe come on, you know you have at least one of them!!) they've been there this long without a purpose... it's time to let go of some of it!!

The author of the above blog has a systematic way of going through room by room, corner by corner and filling a bag to donate, repurpose or toss out!! Here's a chart to help in the process. Check it out!! Take the challenge! I know I am.... but, I'm going to change my goal up a little bit! At least 40 bags by the end of summer!!


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