December 19, 2011

Favorite Christmas Traditions....

We all have favorite Christmas traditions,
a few of mine are...
Christmas caroling,
Decorating our tree as a family,
Listening to Christmas music,
crocheting gifts & ornaments....
"White Christmas" and "It's A Wonderful Life",
Cookie Swaps....
Spending an afternoon with Gary making Chex mix
and singing Christmas carols!
 Gary is mixing up the "Puppy Chow"...
2 1/2 gallon Zip Lock bags are perfect
for mixing up batches of Chex Mix!!
 Gary is filling up the cup so he can ...
 pour it in to all of the gift bags!
Now he's all ready for Christmas....
Shhh... don't tell!
Gary and Lilly relaxing on the couch!
Ahhhh, now I'm almost ready for
one of the greatest, most important days
of the year!

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