May 5, 2011

Drinking Glasses

As common as it feels to me, I thought I'd share our drinking glasses. My mom asked me the other day why I use the pint jars to drink from... 

I have several reasons... 
Mason jars are rather durable!
I don't break them nearly as often as regular drinking glasses!
I am not concerned when doing the dishes that they'll break (no, I don't have a dishwasher).
I can buy 12 at a time for around $10.
You can drink hot or cold drinks in them.
The set is EASY to add on to or replace, as the style stays the same, and the stores generally have them!
There is no guessing as to how much water I'm consuming!   
I can add the lid to the jar for storage or to mix gravy or salad dressings!


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Mindy @ The Purposed Heart said...

We love drinking out of our ball jars too. Sometimes we even use the quart size!

loves2spin said...

Very nice! I will keep that in mind for when there's a crowd and I don't have enough glasses!