December 14, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland....

The lyrics are pretty...... they make a beautiful song and the words help to create awesome images in our minds, but living in it is another story! :)We finally got our power back this afternoon after losing it on Friday at about 5AM! I woke up and looked at my clock about 3:30/4AM and everything was fine. I could hear the rain coming down pounding on the roof and wondered if school would be in session or not. I fell back to sleep and when I looked at the clock again, it was dark... no red lights. The furnace was silent, the only sounds I could hear was the of raindrops .... the power went out!Ordinarily, when this happens within an hour or two we are up and running again.... but not this time! As you already know if you watch the news or listen to the radio, we had a bad storm! ICE, ICE and more ICE! It really is absolutely beautiful to look at! Audrey took some amazing pictures but... it was also very destructive! Downed trees, powerlines, frozen pipes, icy roads, over-worked electric crews, cold houses.....
Oh ya, this is the winter-wonderland life! :) Friday, during the day, we heated with the stove top (on for a while and then off for a while) and candles. Thank God for gas stoves, I could at least make hot meals! (Obviously, for safety reasons the candles and stove were OFF during the night!) The temperature inside on Saturday morning was 42* yikes, it felt like we were waking up on a camping trip! We could see our breath... now that is chilly! (It was 15* when I looked at the thermometer outside, so we were pleased with 42!) Austin worked diligently on a generator that a friend had loaned us. He had it going for a while so we could keep the fridge from thawing out too much and everyone charged up the cell phones! Thankfully, Darlene & Marc (my brother) regained their electricity Saturday and loaned us their kerosene heater for last night! It was in the low teens again last night, but inside it was a balmy 62* AHHHHH, the simple things in life are soooo amazing!
We went to church Sunday morning (an awesome & appropriate message series by the way) 'In Pieces or In Peace'.... this week's message was about worry & anxiety! You can listen if you'd like at the bottom of the page, part 3!!
We were on our way home discussing the next plan of action (empty the fridge into boxes for the back porch, drain the water lines etc.)when my cellphone began to ring, it was TJ with "GOOD NEWS.... the power is ON!" THANK GOD!! We had been told not to expect it to come back much before Thursday ... so having it back 4 days earlier is a true blessing!! :)The crews had arrived to repair the lines that had snapped.... all that is left are a few orange caution cones and some random branches of trees & sawdust beside the road! (This tree is in our front yard, draped over the lines coming in from the road to our electrical box!)


Jason DeStratis said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. It's amazing to see how wide spread the storm's damage stretched. I'm in the Worcester, MA area and saw many similar sites.

mad4books said...

WOW!!! That is crazy!

What's even crazier is that Supreme Court Justice Souter (sp?) can't wait to get back to all that snow. (He may work in D.C., but they say he HATES it and can't wait to retire back to the land of shoveling and generators...)

You are tougher than I am, my friend. It was 70+ degrees yesterday, will be again today, and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer! (I walked my dog in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday! OTOH, we walked in a brown, flat park without any beautiful trees or mountains in view. Guess it's all in the perspective...)