May 27, 2007

"Happy Dandelion Sunday"

I think today would be considered 'Dandelion Sunday' by my mother in law! :)

I had never heard of this special day until Travis was under a year old. During one particular weekend visit to Pete's parents' farm, his mom made the comment about it being 'Dandelion Sunday'. Of course never hearing of this before I asked her what she meant..... she said, "this is the weekend when the majority of them are in bloom!" :) Well ever since then, I have looked forward to watching for Dandelion Sunday.....

This field is near the Smith Bridge (the covered bridge in Plymouth).... I pass it each day and have been watching it turn from a rich green to a glowing yellow! Pictures can never do God's beauty justice...... but I'm hoping you can appreciate it too! We've had the discussion about whether or not these yellow beauties are really flowers or if they are weeds. I of course, defend them as a mother's 'first flower'! If they grow in your area and you have children..... most likely it was one of the first flowers presented to you by your child! Others have defended the position of it being a weed...... because you can't get rid of them! (My husband's definition..... "ANY plant growing where you don't want it classifies it as a 'weed'!") :))

I looked up the word 'dandelion' in the Merriam Webster's School Dictionary... it says: "any of a genus of yellow flowered herbs related to the daisies; esp : one with long deeply toothed stemless leaaves sometimes grown as a potherb. [Midieval French 'dent de lion, literally, "lion's tooth"]

Ok, so maybe we are both wrong..... is it an herb?? Pete's parents, his aunts and grandmother have told me that they are really tastey! (Can't prove it by me!) :)))

However you view them..... enjoy your 'Dandelion Sunday'! This 'flower' will always be special in my book!!

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mad4books said...

Beautiful! The "herbs," the mountains, the covered bridge...Karen and I can't wait until we can come visit N.H. again.

As for eating dandelion greens--I can eat almost anything if I have enough vinegar and Tabasco! (There isn't enough Tabasco in Louisiana to choke down lima beans, though...ICK!)