October 31, 2009

Ana Sapphira.... (or, The Boys' First Music Video!)

I wanted to share with you the first music video that Ana-Sapphira has put out there!! Austin is the bass player and Travis is one of the guitar players! It isn't the style of music that I particularly enjoy, but they enjoy it and we support them!! They are all Christian guys and their desire it to play Christian Metal....   

October 27, 2009

Broccoli Soup (Cheater's Version)

Ok, confession time...  this isn't ALL home made as I bought a 'packaged' soup starter. Over the weekend I was in the grocery store and found 'Broccoli Soup' by Bear Creek. I looked it over and decided it would be ALOT easier to use this as the base and add to it then to start from scratch. I know, I don't often take this road, but I must admit, this time, it was worth it!

Broccoli Soup                   (Cheater's Version)

1 pkg. Bear Creak Broccoli Soup mix.  Follow the directions on the package.....  Keep this warm either in the stew pot you are using or in your crock pot!

1 to 1 1/2 lbs. Broccoli Crowns (I used only the flowerettes cut off into smaller pieces, washed). Put the broccoli into a separate pan with water to cover them. Boil until soft. (OPTIONAL: You can also add a couple of diced potatoes to cook along with the broccoli.)
1 lb. diced ham  Add the ham in with the cooked broccoli to warm through.

I added the broccoli/ham along with the water to the prepared soup starter. This added the extra fluids I felt it needed for the consistancy I prefer but, you can always drained the water out first if you'd like! 

I allowed the soup to sit for a few hours in the crock pot on warm before serving. Because it is nice and thick, this soup does very well in bread bowls! Optional serving suggestion: Add fresh grated cheese to the top of soup! YUMMY!

Seafood Chowder

Seafood Chowder   (my version)
1/2 stick butter
2-3 ribs of celery diced
1/2 cup sweet onion (more if you like, diced or sliced)

Sautee the vegetables for a few minutes then add:

6-8 diced medium sized potatoes 
water just to cover potatoes

Allow this to slow boil until the potatoes are soft but not mushy. While the veggies are cooking, get your seafood ready.

1+ lb.  Crabmeat   (real or imitation crab.... cut into bite sized pcs.)
2 cans Whole Baby Clams  (You'll find this in the tuna fish isle, but fresh clams are good too.)

I also added a small amount of lobster. You can add whatever seafood your family likes: shrimp, scallops, haddock etc. Be sure that the seafood is cooked through, especially if you add raw meat!

At this point I add and stir in a little more butter and turn down the heat. The water should be just barey enough to cover the veggies and meat.... and if not, that is ok.

Add 1 quart of LIGHT cream    (You can use evap. milk, non-fat, high fat, totally your preference!)

Gentlely stir and add a little salt & pepper if you'd like. If this is too thick or you feel that you need extra liquids, add either water or milk products. I like to make chowders earlier then the meal I'm serving it at so the flavors have time to meld together!

I put my chowder in a crock pot to keep warm for a few hours. It was thick enough to serve in bread bowls and delicious enough that the guy all wanted seconds and some had thirds!
Whether you make your own bread bowls or buy them at the bakery, this meal will wow  everyone! Take the time to enjoy your family as you enjoy this meal!

October 25, 2009

YUMMY LUNCH TODAY!! :) I Couldn't Wait to Share the BREAD BOWL Recipe!

It has been cold & rainy over the past 30+ hours.... what better meal then a hot chowder! Naturally, in my family we have different opinions of what makes a great soup/chowder! The guys all LOVE seafood chowder (not my favorite thing!) and I Audrey & I enjoy a warm bowl of either corn chowder or broccoli-ham-cheese soup!!
It was my goal for yesterday to make all of this, but it never came to be....  other things became priority, and rightly so! I did get the dough made up for bread bowls and this morning, I let it warm up and rise again then I formed 8 balls of dough while I made the broccoli soup and baked them while I made the seafood chowder!

IT WAS SOOO EASY, I thought you all may want to make them for your favorite stew/soup/chowder too! :)

BREAD BOWLS              (Taste of Home Test Kitchen)

2 Tbsp. dry active yeast
1 Cup warm water  (110*-115* F)
1 Cup warm milk    (110*-115* F)
1/2 Cup shortening
1/2 Cup sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. salt
6 cups all pupose flour   (I added a little more as I kneaded it)
cornmeal   (to sprinkle on top of bread bowls before baking)

In a mixing bowl, dissolve yeart in warm water. Add the milk, shortening, sugar. eggs salt and 2 cups of flour. Mix until smooth. Stir in enough remaining flour to form a soft dough. Turn onto a floured surface; knead until smooth and elastic, about 6-8 minutes.  Place in greased bowl turning once to grease top. Cover & let rise in a warm place until doubled.  About 1 hour.

Punch down dough. Turn onto lightly floured surface. Divide into 8 pieces; shape each into a ball. Grease 2 baking sheets and sprinkle with corn meal. Place four balls on each sheet approx. 3-4 inches apart. Let rise until doubled, about 30 minutes. Bake 350* for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from sheets and allow them to cool.

For bread bowls, cut a thin slice off the top of each bread ball/bowl. Hollow out the bottom half, leaving a 1/4 inch shell. Discard the removed bread or save for another use: bread stuffing or bread pudding!) Fill each bowl with your favorite stew, chowder or chili!  ENJOY!!

October 24, 2009

God's Devotion To Us....

There isn't much one can add to this..... listen to it with tissue in hand! It is beautiful....

October 1, 2009

Pumpkin & Black Bean Chili

After MUCH discussion on face book about this meal, I thought I ought to share my recipe with you! I made it yesterday for our dinner last night... and it was a hit! NO ONE could figure out the 'secret ingredient' which made it all that more worth making again!! I finally gave enough hints and they figured it out AND THEY STILL LIKED IT!! :) Sneaking in extra nutrients is always a good thing! PUMPKIN & BLACK BEAN CHILI

1/2 to 1 Cup sliced onion (I use 1/2 C. Vidalia onion)
1/2 Cup diced green peppers
1/2 Cup diced yellow peppers
1/2 Cup diced red peppers (you can use 1 color pepper or add a little HOT if you'd like)

Saute in oil or simmer in a little bit of water until tender.

Add 1 pound of ground beef (85-90%) and cook until evenly browned.

At this point, I put this in my crock pot and added:

2 Cups of pumpkin puree (YES, you did read that correctly!) I had 2 cups frozen fresh pumpkin, but adding a can of pumpkin will do just fine!!

2 26-28 oz. cans of black beans (drained & rinsed)
2 26-28 oz. cans of diced tomatoes
dash of salt
2+ Tbsp. of chili powder (season to taste, adding black pepper optional)

Allow this to cook on low in your crock pot or simmer in a big stock pot on your stove top! I had it in my crock pot for a few hours.... then on warm till dinnertime! Serve with dinner rolls, biscuits or fresh bread!! (pictured is a bowl of chili with a slice of Oatmeal-Molasses bread!) Any way you serve it, it will be a hit!
A MUST DO AGAIN RECIPE IN OUR HOUSE! HOPE YOU LIKE IT! Obviously, I cook to feed a crowd & have leftovers!! One of the wonderful things about chili is that you can adjust the amounts or change an ingredient if you want and it will still come out delicious!! ENJOY!!