August 20, 2007

24 Years Ago Today......

24 Years ago today..... I was 19 1/2 and starry eyed! The day was a warm, actually it was a perfect, sunny Saturday! But, it wouldn't have mattered if it was blizzard conditions.... we were getting married! We were married in the Plymouth United Methodist Church on Highland St. at 2PM..... my cousin Alicia and friend Amy stood with me and Pete's brother Andy and friend Bob stood with him! (Along with lots of other friends & family!!)

Our plans for the evening... well, after all these years we still have a practical side! LOL! We will be heading to Sears in Concord to pick up a filter for the wet-dry vac and then most likely to "The Olive Garden" for dinner, unless another restaurant grabs our attention on the way! :)

The kids are on their own.... at this point, their plans are to grab something to eat at home and then head to the theater so they can watch the new Bourne movie. Word has it that this is a very good movie! (We enjoyed the first two, but will wait for it to come out on dvd!)