June 28, 2007

I Never Thought I'd Do This..... :)))

I never thought I'd do this... but, yesterday while I was at the library picking up a couple of 'fluff' books (by Barabara Delinsky) and a couple of movies (Good Will Hunting & Yanks), the question popped into my mind.... "I wonder if they are doing a book club over the summer?" (You know the ones I mean.... where everyone reads the same book and then gets together to discuss it.) When I got to the checkout counter, lo and behold right there beside me was the information for July.....

"Brown Bag Book Group!" Wednesday, July 18 NOON.
Bring your bagged lunch along with your comments & imporessions of "In Her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner. The library will provide dessert & beverage. Book are available now.

Hmmmm, what's a girl to do? I inquired about how the book group is run and if there were any more books available! She very nicely gave me the book, the list of books for the rest of the year.... and even the discussion questions for July! I told her that I probably would be on vacation during this meeting but still wanted to challange myself to do the questions anyways!
We had a nice visit and I took my 3 books & 2 movies and headed for home!!

I find myself laughing at myself!! It's funny, the pre-conceived image of 'the kind of person' who gets involved in book groups that I've pictured are not 'me'.... until now!! :))) I'm looking forward to the challange and to meeting other people in the community! Well, I will definately miss the July date, but I"ll pick up the next book "The Secret Life Of Lobsters" by Trevor Corson, for the August meeting!

June 24, 2007

It Was A Day To Remember....

Friday, June 22, 2007 was a day to remember forever..... at least for our family! It is official.... Travis has graduated high school! :) He took part in the graduation ceremonies at the Christian school we've been using as our umbrella school and ooohhhhh what a beautiful ceremony it was!

Here he is mid-day for practice.........
And here we are AFTER the graduation ceremony.......
more pictures are coming on upcoming posts!!

You'll NEVER Believe This One......

This morning began like every other morning.... 'ME heading to the kitchen to start making a cup of tea!' UNTIL.... I looked out the back window towards the fields and saw 4 legs..... at first I was undecided as to whether it was a moose or a horse since they are similar (until you see either the tail or the head)! :) As soon as it took a couple of steps it was definately a horse!! It was a rather startling discovery.... we've had deer, moose, goats & chickens, dogs & cats and even cows.... but not a beautiful HORSE until now!???

Not sure of just what to do, Pete & Travis went outside to see if he could interest him in some grain while I called the police..... Thankfully, the horse is very friendly and allowed Pete to put him in the goat pen/field!

The officer came and looked at him and then asked how long it could stay...... (Every little girl's dream is coming true!) I'm not too sure how long our 'guest' will be with us, but for now since we have grain, water, hay and pasture looks like we have a horse.... :))) (Meanwhile, the officer will be looking for his real home.)


******** MYSTERY SOLVED********

We enjoyed him (DAKOTA) for 24 hours...... this morning at 7:45 we had a knock on the door... "I hear you had a horse come to visit..." :) One of the neighbors from 'down over the hill' had just aquired him a few days prior and some how he escaped! He went to the local PD and when the officer started to write down the info.... he knew just where his horse was!! We've known him and his family for years....... but they've only ever had cattle, so we didn't think to call!! :)

Hmmm.... well, I wonder what will happen next for excitement??

June 4, 2007

My Favorite Piece of Mail....

Here's my all time favorite piece of mail! It arrived with perfect timing on a day that I desperately needed some stress relief! I read it, burst out laughing and grabbed the phone to thank my friend in VA for the much needed 'therapy of laughter'! :) It now resides on the refigerator and serves as a wonderful reminder to laugh ...... love...... and make lemonade when life hands you lemons!! I hope this will make you laugh today too!